Is SeaWorld Freeing the Whales at Last?


Be Careful What You Wish For “Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.” ― George S. Patton August 20, 2014 4:43 PM CST This article has been modified from its original form to reflect more accurate data on the Southern Resident captures. Many people agree […]

Orca and Humans in Captivity


Editor’s Note I collaborated with a friend on this piece who helped me put these words on paper after we watched the SeaWorld Roundtable Debate. Her name is KW. This is Part I of a series of articles that will describe our feelings and thoughts on marine mammals held in marine parks, the people who […]

Costco: Stop Selling Tickets to SeaWorld Amusement Parks

Costco Letter about SeaWorld Parks

 Send a letter to Costco! Send a letter to Costco Executives and ask them to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld Parks. Letters in .PDF format, ready to be signed and mailed Costco CEO Costco CFO Letters in MS Word format. These letters can be modified and can be sent to other corporations who sponsor SeaWorld […]

News Release: John Hargrove Speaking at Chicago Public School

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release  Blackfish Star John Hargrove Speaking at Chicago Public School Former SeaWorld Trainer and Blackfish Movie star John Hargrove will be speaking via Skype at Lenart Regional Gifted Center a Chicago Public Elementary School on Tuesday May 6th 2014. Lenart Elementary National Junior Honor Society students are showed the movie Blackfish […]

Chicago Public School showing Blackfish to 100 Students

Blackfish being shown at Chicago Public School

SeaWorld Pledge education initiative in Chicago is very excited to announce that 100 middle schooler’s in a Chicago Public School will be seeing the movie Blackfish on April 30 2014. Seaworld Pledge approached the elementary school’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) coordinator several weeks ago and proposed curriculum ideas surrounding marine mammals in captivity. Upon […]

Blackstone Bails on SeaWorld, Invests in Competitor Merlin

Sea Life Aquarium Texas

Blackstone backs Merlin attraction, Sea Life As Blackstone continues to withdraw from embattled SeaWorld, they hold a large percentage of stock in rival Merlin entertainment. Blackstone has announced intent to sell down from their 22% position in SeaWorld while they own more than a third of attractions competitor Merlin stock. Merlin has over 100 attractions […]

Vancouver Aquarium facing Public, Government Opposition

11 yr old boy protests outside Vancouver Aquarium

Animal Advocates are turning the tide of perception and winning over the public and Government Almost daily now there is a new news article coming out of Vancouver B.C. relating to the mounting pressure against the expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium and it’s intent to import more Whales and Dolphins into captivity.  The tone has […]

SeaWorldPledge.Org launches pilot High School Curriculum Program

Ric O'Barry SeaWorld Pledge Education Program

We are pleased to announce that SeaWorld Pledge is piloting a high school education program that will focus on orca and dolphins in captivity. Starting April 14 a high school in Redmond, Oregon will begin studying the many issues surrounding the captivity of marine mammals in two global history classes. This unit will take place […]

SeaWorld and GA Aquarium petition to import wild-captured Beluga Whales

population of animals in human care is facing certain extinction

SeaWorld again contradicts their public statements The Georgia Aquarium is urging their supporters to sign a petition or send a letter supporting their effort to overturn the permit denial by NOAA to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales to the U.S. from the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia.  The petition is directed to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny […]